the minimalism game feb 2019

I made it! And I was just telling my husband how proud I was for finishing. It kind of became addicting. But- everything is not out of my house. I think I maybe tackled 10%… I need another round!
– DM, #LRSOMG18 participant

Whoo-hoo!!! I think I did every day…..🤔 My house feels a little lighter but there is still so much more to go! Are you doing another challenge soon?!!! 😬
– JD, #LRSOMG18 participant

I heard you loud and clear! It’s here! Another round!

Starting February 1 we are back for our second year of The Minimalism Game hosted by Little Red Stool Organizing (#LRSOMG19).  I’m inviting you to join the LRSO community to play along with thousands of others who have played this game before you. The Minimalism Game is a great way to have fun while bringing more peace and freedom to your home.

Before we get to how the game works and how you can participate. I want to address one thing. The word “minimalism.” Throw what you think of the word “minimalism” out for a minute. Now think about how nice your house would feel if you had a few less things. I can just picture you with your eyes closed, a deep sigh of relief and peace, and a rested posture. THAT is what I want you to think about the word “minimalism” from now on. 

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
A participant from #LRSOMG18 posted this picture of her 24 things on Day 24

On to the basics of the game!

On the first day of the month you will get one thing OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. On the second day, two things. The third day? You guessed it, three things will leave your home. That’s how we are going to play. You know you. If you can only get items out of your house once a week because of work, etc. then make a box/bag that WILL leave your home at the end of the week. If you can’t trust yourself to get rid of that bag at the end of the week, get it out the same day.

27750885_10155234909358091_814061923826015109_nA Day 14 haul from a #LRSOMG18 participant.

Each day I will post 2 graphics. One will be a short list of ideas of items you can consider pairing down in your home. The other will be a tip or encouragement of some kind. So keep your eyes peeled for those helps!


Not only is this a FREE tool for you to use, we will also have PRIZES!!!

This contest is in no way sponsored by The Minimalists or any social media platforms.

Click here to go directly to the Facebook event.

Entries look like this:
1. (Required to be entered) subscribe to LRSO’s newsletter.
2. “Like” Little Red Stool Organizing’s FB page.
3. Comment “done”  on the corresponding day’s post when you’ve completed the day. (1 point/entry)
4. Post a photo on your personal page AND tag each photo with #LRSOMG19. (2 point/entry)
5. Partner up with someone AND let us know who your partner is. (You will both get 3 points for having a partner and letting us know who your partner is.)

Winners will be announced Saturday, March 2, 2019.

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