Permission: The 5 Things You Can Let Go Of Series, Intro

Over and over again I hear from clients, “sometimes I just need someone to give me permission to get rid of things.” Said another way, “it’s good to have another set of eyes reminding me of things that aren’t my style or… are trash.”
These conversations and ones like them have encouraged me to write a series of articles on items that are mostly universal and probably pretty quick tosses. We’ll walk through room by room. I’ll list the items and then give you a few reasons why these items and ones similar can be easy to get out of your house.
As always, it’s your house and your stuff. Maybe you do use a strawberry huller every day and the spoon in your silverware drawer just won’t do the trick. But maybe you do need to get rid of that top from the 80s.
There’s a good line up coming your way but I’d still love to hear from you. What room or category would you like a list of 5 things you can let go of?
I’ll put a list of areas posted here with their link when they are live. You can also click on “Permission Series” category to see them as well.

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