Building a Habit with 30/30 this October

The weather will be crisp again soon and before we know it the holidays will be in full swing. There are two great reasons to get in a 30/30 this October.

The first reason is the same no matter what time of year it is. Being in the habit of decluttering your home and keeping your home organized is always important. Maybe you find yourself finally getting frustrated with not being able to find things in your home and having to purchase things you KNOW you already own but just can’t find it. Ahem, tape, scissors, glue… anyone?

Speaking of finding tape and scissors. That brings me to the second great reason to do 30/30 this October. The holidays are coming and with it more things. Things you want, things you like, and a lot of things that you don’t like, things that will be broken or forgotten about in a few days.

Now, you and I can’t change other people but we can work toward building a habit in you to keep up with the organization of your home. Taking time before the holidays come to declutter and greatly minimize the toys and games and other things around your home will help the holidays and new year go more smoothly.

After working with clients who have diligently been through their entire home side-by-side with me developing little habits of success along the way, I want to provide that for others. While not the same as working with someone, I want to make encouragement and tips and success available to you as well. For that very reason, I’ve developed a program that will show up in your email every day for 30 days.

You’ll learn about the best method to organize fully. You’ll hear from others about the change that organizing has brought to their lives. You’ll have the accountability to work in your home’s disorganized areas every day for 30 days, building a habit that can last a lifetime. You’ll have quick wins along the way. And, best yet, you’ll have a daily cheerleader in me!

I will be popping in every day for 30 days to cheer you on to working 30 minutes in your home every day. Thus, the program is called 30/30! 30 minutes for 30 days. It’s really up to you how much time you spend but the goal is to build a solid habit to either create or keep up with the systems that are keeping your house organized.

In order to make this round accessible I am offering it at $30! Yes, just $30! So sign up, invite your friends, and make a fun time of it!

Registration is now closed for the October 2019 session of 30/30.

Details for this round of 30/30:
The program will run October 1 – 30.
Registration will be September 14 – 28.
The cost is $30.

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