Permission: The 5 Things You Can Let Go Of Series, Garage

Have you ever thought, “I just need someone to give me permission to throw this out”? That’s what this Permission series is all about. We’ll walk through room by room, list 5 items per room, and why the items can be easy to get out of your house.
As always, it’s your house and your stuff. You may actually need and use the things I suggest you toss. But if you don’t, give yourself a little more freedom to find a little more peace in your house by tossing things that you don’t need.
Today we’ll be in the garage. Contrary to popular belief, garages are designed to house cars, not to be an entire storage unit. Now, you can certainly use it to store things as they usually have wonderful vertical space. Here are just a few things that you can get on out to start making room for your car again.
1. Lightbulbs
Any lightbulbs you have on hand should be the wattage and size and type that you currently use in your home. Most lightbulb boxes tell you how long they should last. If you have a box of LEDs that are supposed to last 8-10 years and you just replaced them all… you might need to donate the others to someone who can use them now. This will free up space in your garage and benefit another household. Here are some other bulbs that might not be in use anymore: nightlights, twinkle lights, anything not LED, black lights, fluorescents, and disco lights.
ACTION – gather all those lightbulbs, check out which ones you need in the next year, donate the rest.
2. Scraps
Do you happen to have a scrap pile in your garage? Maybe a large pile of wood or recyclables take up a corner that keeps your car from pulling in. If you aren’t a regular on creating with these things I can think of a few places where it will be better kept. A local school’s art or science department, any kids, or even the recycling center.
ACTION – give that wood or cardboard some organization or get it out of the garage.
3. Cleaners/pesticides
Garages tend to house a collection of car wash supplies, wasp spray, and fertilizers. Considering their poisonous character, the garage is an excellent out-of-the-way location. Similar to the laundry cleaners mentioned a few weeks ago, you’ll want to figure out what you like and use it. For those you don’t like, ask a friend or read the label to know how to dispose of them properly.
ACTION – gathering all the cleaners, pesticides, and fertilizers, toss what you don’t want and place the rest together on a high shelf.
4. Holiday Decoration
Every year at the same time comes these days that are celebrated by masses of people… holidays! Whatever holidays you celebrate, chances are that you don’t go through the decorations for these each year. How about you just pull it out and go through it all now? No? Okay, when the next time comes to decorate then. If you do this each year, you will always like what you have and know where it is.
ACTION – pull out all of your holiday and seasonal decor, decide what you want to keep, organize what you’re keeping and label it.
5. Paint
Unless you just built your house, there is probably a stash of paint in your garage from the years and coats of paint used in that particular house. If it isn’t a color that you are currently using, you can let it go. If your paint cans aren’t labeled with color, room it was used in, and year it was used, take the time to label. It will save time down the road.
ACTION – go through the paint cans, toss, and label.
*you may feel as if you can’t just toss these things, if so, just put them in a give away bag or box and give them away.

I’ll put a list of areas posted here with their link when they are live. You can also click on “Permission Series” category to see them as well.
Home Office
Kids’ Rooms
Dining Room

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