How Much Trash is in Your Car?

I recently asked this question in one of the #LRSOMG19 events. “How much trash is in your car?” The first two responses were that the cars had just been cleaned out so their answer was “little to none” but that this was “not the norm.” As I began to think about putting my car’s trash into words in the comments, more and more words came. Here is what I’d like to say about my personal car’s trash that may be helpful for you as well.

  1. I moved around a lot as an adult and my car was my constant. Having a tidy car helped me to feel grounded with my physical possessions. If my new house was ceiling high with boxes, I could just get in my car and breath into the empty, clean, uncluttered space… as I ran to the hardware store for blinds for the bare windows as night fell.
  2. I developed a habit a few years back of bringing out of the car whatever I brought in to the car. About 18 years ago I had a scare with dehydration that has kept me on track with drinking water almost obsessively. I carry a water bottle or have one in my car almost all the time. That could really add up if I only took water bottles out to my car and never brought them back in. BONUS: To help with this I only have 3 water bottles. It is less to clean, less to keep up with, and helps me to remember to bring them in with me because I have to use them.
  3. I have a trash bag that I keep in the front that hangs from my gear shift. When it gets full I take it off, tie it up, and throw it away. Sometimes that’s at my house, sometimes that’s at a gas station.
  4. Speaking of trash, if I am on a road trip or for some reason have take out food trash, I have found that almost every store you stop at (and gas stations, of course) have trash cans outside. So last week when I forgot to bring my lunch with me and had to stop by CFA for a meal and eat in the car (I don’t recommend this on the daily) I was able to drop the trash into the trash can outside of the Target when I was on my way in to pick up one quick thing (and I was successful on getting the one thing!).

There are more things that I could say about my car’s trash especially since I frequently donate items on behalf of clients but I’ll end at 4 today. How do you deal with the trash in your car?

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