Did I just say, “write on your sheets?” Well, yes, yes I did. While you’re at it write on your sheets before your guests come! I mean, you are changing the sheets anyway, so you might as well do it now.

Okay, here’s what I mean. I believe there should be a regulation that each sheet that comes off the sheet maker presses should be labeled with what size it is. I mean, come on, there is a tag on pillows that says it can’t be removed except by the consumer. It can’t be that difficult to add a tag that says what size the sheets are.

Well, since there is no physical health reason to know what size sheets are wadded up in your linen closet I’ll guess I’ll never get my wish. Luckily, I have this fancy blog and can get you all to win the sheet-size war starting now.

EASY: Straight from the Package

Let’s start with the easy ones… the sheets that you bring home from the store. Before you even pop those suckers in the wash (please do wash your sheets before you use them), write on your sheets.

I said it again. This time I can be a little more specific. Find that little tag that should already say what size sheet it is. If it isn’t typed on there already, write the size on the tag: twin, XL twin, full, queen, king, california king.

ALL ELSE: Straight from the Closet

For those sheets that you already own, you’ll want to take them all out from the whole house and bring them to one bed. Yes, all of them. Unless they are on a bed. You can leave those... for now. Do a quick go-through and decide “keep, toss, donate.” Keep it short – you know if you need it or not. Remember how often you change sheets and that will help you to know how many sets per bed you need. I would say at least 2 pairs of sheets for each bed. Maybe 3 for the small kiddos; bed-wetting and upset tummies, ya know.

If you have no idea what size bed those sheets are that were shoved in the very back of the linen closet, here’s a handy graph that Peggy over at The Casa Collective has put together.

After your sort, grab a sharpie and write on your sheets! But be responsible, choose to write the size on the tag.

Then label the linen closet (see photo above for example) to make putting laundry away easier and also grabbing those spare sheets after a middle-of-the-night bed change.

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