Not as Scary as it Looks – NBC 26 Women Today

I got an inquiry in January to do an interview for a local news station. One of their talented reporters does a recurring segment called NBC 26 Women Today that showcases women who are making a difference in the local area. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful group of professional women and to be recognized for the passion and help that I bring to others. I do not love being in the spotlight. At all. And Paige Tucker made this process easy and comfortable. We had a conversation and then walked through a little of what I do together. She is a gem and I love what I do so it was a really enjoyable experience – despite the scared look on my face for the still shot on the video clip below.

What women in your life inspire you to continue toward love and good deeds? Who is setting examples for you for good? When was the last time you spoke words of encouragement to those people? I’d like to encourage you to write a note, send an email, use words to express your gratitude… even if you think they already know.

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