Master Closet Details

Today is the day to look at a few details from the delightful closet we posted about earlier in the week. Scroll to the end to see what this space looked like before we got started.

Image may contain: indoor

Once we were able to decide what was staying in the closet, we actually found that we could put all like items together (a big goal when putting together a space). You’ll see that we were able to hang her necklaces in a way that keeps them tangle free in a space that was originally designed for them. We noticed that the drawer that was being used for shorts was half empty but the t-shirts that were on a shelf were overflowing so we swapped spaces and used bins to contain the beauty. Last but not least (in fact, the most fun for me) was getting all these shoes in one spot which were previously in 3 or 4 different locations in the closet.

Image may contain: people standing
Image may contain: indoor
Image may contain: shoes, hat and indoor

Here are some of the before photos.

Image may contain: shoes and indoor
Image may contain: indoor

Who wants to take some time this weekend to tidy up their closet?

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