Meal Planning Template Bundle

Take a trip in your mind back to January 2020. Everything was fresh. All things were possible. Perhaps you made a list of things you wanted to do this year. Some goals or trips or ideas. I made a list as well. One of those things was to provide a Meal Planning Template for you!

Meal Planning is a simple task that can make or break your week!

Here’s a little jingle I like to use:

Plan what you eat
Buy what you plan
Eat what you buy

On those busy weeks when I don’t want to have to even make dinner, much less have to think of something to make, a meal plan has come to the rescue. I just look over at my list and see what’s for dinner. Done!

In this meal planning bundle I’m providing 4 pages.

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet (bonus sample sheet)
Weekly On Hand and To Buy Sheet
Meal Ideas Sheet

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet
This sheet has spaces for you to fill in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each day of the week in chart form. Some of you are new to this whole meal planning thing so I’ve also provided a sample of how to use the weekly template.

Weekly On Hand and To Buy Sheet
This sheet lets you write down in one space what you already have on hand. Writing these things down can help in two ways.
1) You can write down what you have and do some meal planning from that list. For example, if you have a lot of pasta on hand and some tomato sauce you may want to make a baked ziti.
2) You can write down what you have that your meals call for. For example, if you found a recipe for herb crusted chicken and zucchini boats, you would write down everything you already have for those recipes.
That leaves the rest of the sheet for you to write down what you need to buy that you don’t already have on hand.

Meal Ideas Sheet
Do you find that you frequently eat the same meals? Get into a meal rut? Want to try new things but just keep forgetting? The Meal Ideas Sheet provides a space for you to write down your favorite meals as well as meals you want to try. Use this sheet to refer to when planning your meals for the week. For example, your family loves baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans but would also like to try Tikki Masala. Writing both of those in their respective spaces on this sheet will remind you to try Tikki Masala.

Click here for the meal planning bundle I promised.

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