Plastics Drawer

Who wants a quick win this week?

This mom was so great at going through her plastic food storage!

Plastic food storage is a fun place to declutter and organize because you can do it quickly alone or have fun with the kids. It’s a super teaching tool as well. Matching, colors, textures, sorting!

No photo description available.

Grab everything out of your plastics drawer, cabinet, dish drainer, etc. Make sure you have it all. You can spread a blanket out on the floor or bring it all to a cleared-off table. Then let the matching begin! Anything without a lid or bottom goes in the trash (or the sandbox or water table) as well as those discolored orange or white containers. Are there any you aren’t using anymore? Those can leave the house too.

No photo description available.

After you have all of your lids and bottoms be sure to put like with like and back into their space they go. I LOVE seeing before and after photos so come on back and post them here. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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