This little boy had a sleepover surprise!

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A Friday afternoon session was a perfect time for a bedroom organize. While this little boy was at school and then a friend’s house his mom and I tidied and decluttered and organized his room. He was delighted when he returned to see all his clothes in his drawers or closet, his books on the bookshelf, and his pictures and trophies and treasures on display. Since he wasn’t there we didn’t get rid of any treasures.  They will spend some time later hanging pictures and shelves.

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Does your kiddo seem to always have a messy room? It may be that they have too much stuff. It may be that the things they own don’t have a place to live. It may be that they don’t know how to put things away.

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How can you help your children keep a picked-up room?

(Sessions happened before March 2020)

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