Rainbow Wall

Over the past month we have found ourselves in an unusual, unprecedented time that has left us with a lot of unknowns, sadness, and potentially fear with the Covid19 pandemic. I wanted a creative way that I could keep track of the days, the thoughts, the good, the hard, and the truth.

This is my own rendition and compilation of different things I found around the internet. You could always just write these things down in a notebook too. This is just something I have been doing. There is nothing magical or prescriptive about it.

Here’s the list and some description to fill it out a little more for you in case you would like to do something similar.

Believe (red/pink)
What truth about God did I see today?
What truth do I need to believe?

It is easy to let the world speak louder to us than the truth of who God is. This helps me to pinpoint one truth each day to believe and focus on. On the wall opposite of this I have scripture (truth) written on index cards.

Celebrate (yellow)
What is something good that happened today?
What am I thanking God for?
What brought joy/life?

It is also easy to only think about or remember the bad parts of our day. This prompt reminds me that there is good and to thank God for it.

Sun & Fun (green)
How did I get outside?
How did I move my body?
What did I create?
What’s something new I tried?

Being in the sunlight and moving your body are important for so many reasons. So are trying new things (win or lose) and creating things. This could be a craft or recipe or a game or song.

Lament (blue)
What loss or pain did I grieve today?
What am I crying out to God about?

There is a fine line between lament and complaint. My purpose on this card each day is to express my sadness (usually in a flood of tears earlier in the day) and remind myself that God cares, hears, and loves me through it. I don’t stay in that sadness though. I grieve it and move on. And I might find myself sad about the same thing the next day but I will still grieve it and move on.

Connect (purple)
Who did I check in with or connect with today?
This is a simple way to record who you’ve been in touch with. Who did you text or FaceTime with? Who did you send a card or get a phone call from? As the days run together this might remind you to check in with specific people too.

In what ways are you keeping track of the days, learning as you go, leaning into the slowness, and processing what’s going on in your life right now?

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