Coffee Corner

While I am not a coffee drinker myself I do feel bad for leaving out my coffee drinkers this week. So, here’s a fun coffee corner before and after too.

Image may contain: indoor

Often living in a home for a while and having families grow in the same home means that items just get put where there is an empty space. If this has happened to you, take some time to re-evaluate your spaces.

This coffee corner had gotten overwhelmed with medicines of all kinds as well as other miscellaneous things. There were also coffee cups and other coffee accessories in other parts of this same room. In order to keep have one central place for coffee we kept putting all coffee things here until we made our way through the entire room. Then we arranged all the things they were keeping of this kind (anything coffee) in the space we designated for it.

Image may contain: indoor

Yes, there is still a medicine basket in here. It is where his habit was, there was room, and with all the other changes we were making to this room we felt it was best to leave his meds there.

Image may contain: indoor

Show off your coffee bars, corners, and spaces!

(Sessions happened before March 2020)

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