Appliance Closet

As our homes have gotten bigger so have the the number of different things you can put in them. I am not telling you to go buy a bigger place to store all of the things you own. In fact, I would tell you to go through all of the things you own, keep only the things you want and love… then spread them out giving them (and you) room to breathe.

Today I want to talk with you about one way you can create space for you and your belongings to breathe by helping you to create an Appliance Closet.

I’m big on assigning meaning and purpose to spaces to help you keep things organized and able to find those same things when you want them. For example, in your kitchen you probably already have a silverware drawer. You probably actually have some sort of organizational product inserted to keep your spoons separated from your forks as well. This is one area that people do not generally expand on. You have a set or two of silverware based on the number of people that regularly eat in your home and that it’s it.

Small appliances are another beast. Yes, beast. You have been inundated by infomercials and home parties and door-to-door salesmen. Oh wait, we don’t really have those anymore. Instead of the door-to-door salesmen we have friends who make us feel like we have to buy something to support them. You have the freedom to choose to not give in to peer pressure or people pleasing by purchasing something you don’t need or want. There are other ways to love and support your friends. (A sweet hand written note and a few bucks can go a long way!)

After you have decided what small appliances you want to keep because they work well for your family, you now can decide the best place for them to live based on how and when you use them. Perhaps you have a closet off of your kitchen that isn’t being used as a pantry. This a great place to designate at your Appliance Closet. You can accomplish the same idea with a small bank of cabinets as well. Put your most used items where you can reach them easiest. Chest and hip level and in the front. Put your heavier items that are lesser used closer to the bottom. Your lighter weight and least used higher up.

Do you already have an Appliance Closet? If so, what have you enjoyed about that space? If not, does this make sense for your household and the space that you are working with?

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