The Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine unless… you need real medicine.

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Whether you have a select few basic medicines, use essential oils, find yourself with a small drug store or anywhere in between, it’s smart to keep your meds organized and labeled. This way when it’s time to use something stronger than laughter and perhaps a small emergency (as in an allergic reaction) you’ll know just where to go.

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Organization is not just about knowing where things are but also about keeping up with the things that you keep on hand. Be sure to go through your meds every 6 months to be sure you know where they are and more often for those things you need to have on hand (like that epi-pen).

We moved this medicine from a rolling cart in one home to a high cabinet in another home. Each bin is well labeled and well stocked. 

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If you have small children (even if you think they are too small) be sure to secure your medications to prevent small, curious, unnecessary ingestion.

When disposing of medications you can put them in a bag and take them to your local police station drop off. Do call ahead to make sure they have one available.

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