Not Perfect

Twice in the past week I’ve come across the sentiment of perfectionism holding people back from doing anything at all at times. This can work its way out in many ways. You like to do crafts but you just can’t get it right so you don’t do it at all. You like to bake but the last batch of cookies you made were a flop so you aren’t going to try again. You like to write but the words just aren’t coming out on paper the way you want them to so you give up.

Perfectionism works its way into our homes in other ways as well. You want to have a tidy and organized home but there’s just so much stuff. You’ve tried to keep good systems but the last one didn’t stick. You want to teach your kids to be organized, to not hold on to things that don’t have meaning, but you haven’t been able to do it yourself so you don’t even try to teach them.

Your Person
You are not alone! As you just read, I am a perfectionist. And there are so many others. Yes, there are a lot of negative emotions, terms, and thoughts that can come with that word. It may even hurt to read the word “perfectionist” here. But I want to help you redeem this part of your personality. Being a perfectionist doesn’t mean that you can ONLY do things perfectly. It doesn’t mean that you HAVE to only do things perfectly. It doesn’t mean that you HAVE to WANT to only do things perfectly. Those are imprisoning words. Let yourself have the freedom of messing up, of doing your best, and trying something without nit-picking it. There is a place to start. There is a process to go through. The end might look different. There is always learning to take place and growth to be seen.

Your Space
You are always growing and changing and so are your spaces. And all of this is okay! You have probably noticed little changes throughout the years. Bottles may appear with a baby and disappear with a toddler and reappear with local grandchildren. Christmas holidays change up the decor and maybe even arrangement of your rooms. Heading in to organizing a space with an open or future thinking mind is helpful. You may try one area for cookbooks and realize that it doesn’t actually work for you. That’s okay. Try another spot until you settle on one that works for you.

Don’t let fear of not being able to get something perfect keep you from doing the work! Give it a try and see how you grow!

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