July Friday Favorites

“Can something else do the same job… maybe better?”

This is one question you can use when deciding whether or not to keep something in your home. I love to use the example of a strawberry huller. With the help of other questions like, “does my family hull a lot of strawberries?” and “does this product work well for our household?” the question “can something else do the same job?” will let you decide easier if you want to keep that strawberry huller. I use a spoon or a knife and free up the space that the strawberry huller would take up.

With that in mind, each month for the rest of 2020, I will be sharing some of my favorite items with you. These are products that I love and use and are worth the valuable real estate they take up in my home. The products will vary from organizational tools to things I just like that are functional. (At this time nothing is sponsored or an ad.)

Today’s favorites are:

1. Spray Bottles – these guys can be used in so many ways. Right now I have my essential oil cleaning spray in one for household cleaning and I have another to spritz my outdoor plants in the heat of the summer.

2. Fiskar’s micro-tip pruning shears – this time of year I am pruning my plants like crazy (Local to me? Want a clipping? Let me know! I’m happy to share!) and these little guys are so precise and incredibly easy to use!

3. Digital thermometer – this little buddy has helped me to cook chicken with confidence again! I used to use a regular meat thermometer but either it took forever to register or my meat never cooked to the proper temperature. This thermometer reads very quickly so if the chicken isn’t done yet I can just pop it back into the over without wondering if I’m over-cooking it.

4. TCS Our Shoe Box – I’ve said it before and will say it again, I LOVE THESE BINS for so many reasons. The sides of these boxes are more up and down (not as angled as other brands) and the clear lids? Yes, please! These are so versatile too!

I would love to hear what YOUR favorite things are! Leave them in the comments!

(Images from The Container Store and Amazon.com)

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