Where are Your Shoes?

“There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes.” Forrest Gump

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This super fun and spunky mom of two tackled her closet and shoes with clarity and determination. You can’t wear it if you don’t know you have it or where it is. It’s hared to know where it is if it’s hidden in so much stuff.

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Decide what you love and feel good in. Keep those things. Everything else? Let it go, let it go!

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One thought on “Where are Your Shoes?

  1. My mom has way too many clothes & shoes. But she has everything organized in color blocks. Shoes by type & use. When I’ve done laundry for her,I know where to put it & she can find it!
    FYI if you stay with a parent,due to illness,DO NOT REORGANIZE their space! What makes sense to you 🤔 maybe upsetting. They can’t find their stuff.
    What I found i could do, was organize within the area
    Items were at. The other thing I found out was ask. Can I move this? Do you need this? Or where would you like this to go? I’m lucky my mom is 91 & no real problems. She knows what’s up! Knee surgery a few years ago. I stayed 6months & learned a lot.


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