One Tennis Ball

I’d like to tell you a story about how a tennis ball changed my perspective on junk.

About eight years ago I did my first spending freeze experiment. There are several reasons people do spending freezes. This time I was doing a spending freeze to be more mindful about when, where, and why I was spending my money. I had a full-time job with regular income and no other need for a spending freeze other than my own desire to learn and grow and be more aware.

During this spending freeze I experienced some incredibly tight neck muscles. I was told to put a tennis ball in a pair of stockings, holding both ends of the stockings, roll the ball between my back and the wall. (If this sounds good to you, please ask your massage therapist, physical therapist, or some other expert in the area. I’m none of those things.) Well, I had the stockings but not the ball. Sure, I could make an exception. This was something that would help my physical wellbeing for sure. I could also wait it out 3 more weeks. I really wanted to stick to the spending freeze and learn all I could.

It turns out another thing that I learned was to ask for help and receive it. I don’t remember how the conversation started but I ended up telling a friend about my desire for a tennis ball for my muscle relief. Well, wouldn’t you know. She had a tennis ball she didn’t need and gave it to me on the spot.

What are you holding on to that someone else could use right now? You may never know where it goes but if you are holding on to it and not using it, it isn’t helping anyone. Send it out of your home and it can directly to help someone.

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