September Friday Favorites

“Does this product work well for our household?”

This is one question you can use when deciding whether or not to keep something in your home. I love to use the example of a strawberry huller. With the help of other questions like, “does my family hull a lot of strawberries?” and “can something else do the job as well or better?” the question “can something else do the same job?” will let you decide easier if you want to keep that strawberry huller. I use a spoon or a knife and free up the space that the strawberry huller would take up.

With that in mind, each month for the rest of 2020, I will be sharing some of my favorite items with you. These are products that I love and use and are worth the valuable real estate they take up in my home. The products will vary from organizational tools to things I just like that are functional. (At this time nothing is sponsored or an ad.)

Today’s favorites are:

1. Keychain coil – I know, I know, girls are wearing these as hairbands but I’ll alway see a keychain. This is a great way to have the house key on your person while you walk in the neighborhood without having to carry your entire key ring. You can also put your post office key on it for quick runs to the box without having to take the whole key ring out. Want to hook two together to promote sibling love? Do it and let me know how it goes!

2. Thoughtful Gifts – Packages tied up in string!!! It’s September which is also my birthday month!!! But that’s not when I got one of the most thoughtful gifts. I got it after having visited a friend out of town. A few days after arriving home I got a package with a shirt in it that I might not have every picked myself but this friend thought of me when she saw it and she sent it to me. How many times do we get to a holiday or birthday and just run out to get something that we hope will work? Take time to get to know your friends. Listen (and make yourself a note) when they say they like something. That’s the easiest way to give a thoughtful gift!

3. Propagation Stations – This could also be a bud vase! The wild flowers your kiddos bring in from the yard would look stunning in something like this. Have a friend who loves plants? Maybe she’ll give you some cuttings and you can root them in water (that’s what a propagation station does). Live near me? I’ll gladly give you some cuttings!

4. Purse Measuring Tape – For a long time as an adult I moved every two years or so. That meant a lot of figuring out measurements and spaces and new pieces. I popped a little measuring tape into my purse so that I could measure any new product that I might want. That way I knew before I bought it if it was going to fit or not. Of course, another key is having measured the space it would fit first.

I would love to hear what YOUR favorite things are! Leave them in the comments!

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