Why Do You Buy?

Do you know what I did the other day? I bought a pack of 2 permanent markers. Do you know why I bought that pack of 2 permanent markers? Because I needed them. We have a problem in our culture. We buy things for almost every reason except for that we actually need them. I will not go in to detail on these points. I want to provide some things for you to think about and explore in your life. Why do you buy?

We buy because we want to spend money. Whether we have the money or not, going further into debt. That is an entirely different subject.

We buy because we think it will provide a happy feeling. That momentary high from purchasing something is just that, momentary. We are left with caring for whatever it is that we bought which brings stress more times than not.

We buy because we think we might need something. When in reality we have plenty already we just have no idea where it is because we have too much stuff in our homes.

We buy because we think someone else will think more highly of us if we own it. As if we are living for another person.

We buy because someone told us this product will solve our problems. With entire stores in our hands (smart phones) we are bombarded with marketing and advertising that we can act on immediately.

We buy because we lived for so long with so little. Believing that owning a lot stuff somehow means we are worth more or will live an easier life.

And we hold on to things for the same reasons. We hold on to things even if it means drowning underneath mountains of stuff and tons of mental pressure.

I challenge you to be mindful about what you bring into your home. Think before you purchase something. And then be mindful about what stays in your home. Make the conscious effort to touch everything and decide what stays and what goes.

These are two lifestyle changes. They take time and practice and sometimes coaching and outside encouragement. Sometimes you need a friend, sometimes you need a professional. Who will you invite to be a part of the process of you finding peace and freedom in your home?

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