One Less Junk Drawer

Real life. Life is messy. Life is lived. Life is using things. Life is… not always tied up with pretty bows.

Think about the 5 people you are the closest to. Do they all have the same personality? Do they all like the same things? Do they all arrive at your monthly get together at the same time? The answer is probably… they are all different.

One thing I love about working with people is that they are all different. They have different personalities, preferences, and ways of doing things. So when it comes to decluttering and organizing spaces in their homes, we get specific.


Maybe you’re always losing scissors. Let’s keep them here so that you always have a pair… and let’s return them to this same spot when you’re done (ahem, spouse and kids too!). Practicing returning things to their home is easier when you know where the home is.


What part of your real life could use a little tweak?

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