Before You Suffer a Loss

Retired, empty-nester, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. In the middle of a session she said to me, “I’m glad I’m doing this now. I can’t imagine having to go through this after suffering a loss.” We were up to our necks in items that needed to be decided on. Things that hadn’t been seen in quite a while. Paperwork that benefitted from having both husband and wife spend time sorting. All three of us worked in this space for multiple sessions and left it in a much more manageable state.

Have you thought about having to deal with the clutter when your spouse passes? Or what those you leave behind will have to deal with when you pass. No one really wants to think about it but that doesn’t make it any less of a possibility. The sooner you can begin the process of knowing what you own, choosing what you keep, and being thoughtful about what you bring in to the home, the easier it will be to enjoy your family instead of being dictated by your stuff toward stress, fear, and all the time and energy it takes away from you.

It would be my honor to walk with you in a gracious, non-judgemental way to thoroughly go through your belongings and help you to decide what you want to keep around… before you suffer a loss.

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