Permission: 5 Things You Can Let Go Of, Bathroom

Have you ever thought, “I just need someone to give me permission to get rid of this”? That’s what this Permission series is all about. We’ll walk through room by room, list 5 items per room you can part with right away, and why the items can be easy to get out of your house.

I ran the first part of this series back in 2019. You can see those post by going to the Permission Intro here.

As always, it’s your house and your stuff. You may actually need and use the things I suggest you part with. But if you don’t, give yourself a little more freedom to find a little more peace in your house by letting go of things that you don’t need.

Today we’ll be in the bathroom. It turns out we spend, on average, 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. Anyone else think it would be higher? I guess it all just depends on what you’re doing in the bathroom. No matter how much time you spend, there are a few things you can let go of across the board fairly easily that may just shave a few minutes off of your time especially in the morning when you are getting ready.

  1. Toothbrushes
    Who remembers getting a toothbrush every time you go to the dentist? Do you only change your toothbrush when you get that new one every six months? It is actually recommended to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months and more often if there has been illness in your home or wear/damage to the bristles of the brush.
    ACTION – throw away your toothbrushes every 3 months and keep one set of back ups in case of illness.
  2. Loofahs
    I don’t remember when these cool little shower scrubbers made their appearance and I also never remember anyone telling me how to care for them. It is recommended that they are changed every 1-2 months depending on what kind you have. Go ahead and toss that old loofah and grab another.
    ACTION – throw away your loofahs every month or two and keep.
  3. Travel Toiletries
    If you don’t travel often, you don’t need the travel toiletries clogging up your drawers or under-sink cabinet. Some of them have probably gone a little yucky too. This is a great time to remember the 20/20 rule. Freeing up space now in such a limited storage space will go a long way in your being able to find what you are looking for without having to dig for it.
    ACTION – bag up travel toiletries that are still in good condition for the homeless shelter, trash those that have past their prime.
  4. Wash Cloths
    Wash cloths, hand towels, and bath towels. How long have you owned the ones you are currently using? A friend of mine was just saying that she has had her towels for over 20 years. She got them in college and is now married with a toddler. If you have stiff, tattered, discolored bath linens it is time to let them go and get new ones.
    ACTION – gather all of your bath linens and check for wear and tear, tossing those that are no longer good.
  5. Bath Rugs
    Similar to wash clothes, your bath rugs have probably seen better days. They need to be washed often since you step on them with your stinky feet before bathing or the dog has made it his nap bed or the kids have run amok after a romp in the yard. And after several washes your rugs have probably begun to unravel a little or lose their spunk. Or maybe they are just out of touch with your changing style.
    ACTION – inspect your bath rugs for pulls and holes, toss those that are damaged beyond your comfort level.

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