November Friday Favorites

“Does my family use this item often enough to keep it?”

This is one question you can use when deciding whether or not to keep something in your home. I love to use the example of a strawberry huller. With the help of other questions like, “does my family hull a lot of strawberries?” and “does this product work well for our household?” the question “can something else do the same job?” will let you decide easier if you want to keep that strawberry huller. I use a spoon or a knife and free up the space that the strawberry huller would take up.

With that in mind, each month for the rest of 2020, I will be sharing some of my favorite items with you. These are products that I love and use and are worth the valuable real estate they take up in my home. The products will vary from organizational tools to things I just like that are functional. (At this time nothing is sponsored or an ad.)

Today’s favorites are:

1. Wooden Clothespins – Far too underrated. They cost next to nothing and look really nice and natural. Keeps all those food bags closed!

2. Small Expanding File Folder – I’ve shared this before but not on a Friday Favorites. I use these little colorful cuties for all my receipts. I file them by month so that when it’s time to reconcile at the end of the month they are where they need to be. I have a separate one for my business and keep those for taxes.

3. Hymn Calendar – I have sort of steered clear of favorites that are exact items but this is seriously one of my favorite things! The 2021 calendar is going to be amazing and I’ll let you check it out at Kate’s beautiful and creative website There are so many fun things there that she has created and if I had to pick my 2nd and 3rd favorite things she has it would be the perpetual hymn calendar and the hymn dish towels – several of which live at my home because of the thoughtfulness of others!

4. Shower Cap – When did you stop washing your hair every day? I was in my 20s when I decided that I should go ahead and get my super thick hair used to not being washed every day because surely I was going to have kids and need that buffer time. Well, no kids, but I have still totally loved not having to wash my hair every day. I save on time, money, and sanity! And last year I got myself a real shower cap after having survived with a cheapo one for way too long. Maybe get this on your wish list and enjoy the luxury of a good shower cap for those “I’m not washing my hair today” days because you should still shower every day if possible. *wink*

I would love to hear what YOUR favorite things are! Leave them in the comments!

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