December Friday Favorites

“Does this product work well for our household?”

This is one question you can use when deciding whether or not to keep something in your home. I love to use the example of a strawberry huller. With the help of other questions like, “does my family hull a lot of strawberries?” and “can something else do the job as well or better?” the question “can something else do the same job?” will let you decide easier if you want to keep that strawberry huller. I use a spoon or a knife and free up the space that the strawberry huller would take up.

With that in mind, each month for the rest of 2020, I will be sharing some of my favorite items with you. These are products that I love and use and are worth the valuable real estate they take up in my home. The products will vary from organizational tools to things I just like that are functional. (At this time nothing is sponsored or an ad.)

Today’s favorites are:

1. Plastic Twist Ties – No need to keep those electronic cords all jumbled up behind the TV or computer. These little twist ties are the good ones because they are covered in plastic. Yes, there are million different ways to contain cords and this is just one inexpensive way that I really like.

2. Circle Rug – I am not an interior designer. If you need one near you, just ask, and I’m happy to recommend a few. I do still have some things that I really like including circle rugs! There’s just something about a circle for me… I don’t know why but I love them! This one is big and fluffy and the perfect color for the room it’s in.

3. Packable Day Pack – Really tried to stay away from exact products but this one (well, a generation or so before this one) is one of my all-time favorite things in the world! I’m sure there are others that are similar but THIS is my favorite, the Eagle Creek Packable Day Pack. I use my packable day pack hiking, zoo days, the park, any tine I travel, and for a quick change of clothes. Here’s why I like it. It all stuffs into that front pocket. It is super comfortable on your back and shoulders. And this one (I don’t have it yet but it’s on my Wish List for sure) has a water bottle holder!!!

4. White Storage Boxes – This is another specific product that may well have another version floating around. The ones I’ve enjoyed around my office are these Bigso White Stockholm Office Storage Boxes. I like the white so that they blend in and don’t cause my mind to have to interpret them each time I see them. I also like that they are pretty sturdy. I don’t get in and out of my super often but they hold heavy things like paper and notebooks just fine.

I would love to hear what YOUR favorite things are! Leave them in the comments!

(Images from The Container Store and

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