Do the Hard Thing

Years ago I created the image below. Little did I know that I would be continually learning this. I'm not a huge fan of doing things that are hard for me. (Helping you declutter and organize is easy for me so never you fear!) I keep choosing to do the hard things first and I … Continue reading Do the Hard Thing

Parents and Their Grown Children

Two of the most common phrases I hear when I tell people what I do for a living are, 1. "You should see my house," and, 2. "My parents need you." We have put ourselves into storage units with all the stuff we collect and keep in our homes. And sometimes it's not even our … Continue reading Parents and Their Grown Children

Quick Tips

Are you serious? Yes! I’m bringing Quick Tips to the #littleredstoolorganizing #Instagram and #facebook feeds! They have previously been living in IG stories (you can still find them in the highlights) but people have been requesting easier access. *ahem, Facebook only folks, I see you* As you wish! First up:When you unload your reusable grocery bags (or after you’ve gotten … Continue reading Quick Tips

How Many Should I Have?

There are direct questions and there are underlying issues. I get this question as both multiple times a month. Someone will directly ask, "how many bath towels does my family need?" I will also open a linen closet and see bath towels shoved here, there, and everywhere just begging the question, "how many bath towels … Continue reading How Many Should I Have?