Not as Scary as it Looks – NBC 26 Women Today

I got an inquiry in January to do an interview for a local news station. One of their talented reporters does a recurring segment called NBC 26 Women Today that showcases women who are making a difference in the local area. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful group of professional women and to be recognized for the passion and help that I bring to others. I do not love being in the spotlight. At all. And Paige Tucker made this process easy and comfortable. We had a conversation and then walked through a little of what I do together. She is a gem and I love what I do so it was a really enjoyable experience – despite the scared look on my face for the still shot on the video clip below.

What women in your life inspire you to continue toward love and good deeds? Who is setting examples for you for good? When was the last time you spoke words of encouragement to those people? I’d like to encourage you to write a note, send an email, use words to express your gratitude… even if you think they already know.

How Much Trash is in Your Car?

I recently asked this question in one of the #LRSOMG19 events. “How much trash is in your car?” The first two responses were that the cars had just been cleaned out so their answer was “little to none” but that this was “not the norm.” As I began to think about putting my car’s trash into words in the comments, more and more words came. Here is what I’d like to say about my personal car’s trash that may be helpful for you as well.

  1. I moved around a lot as an adult and my car was my constant. Having a tidy car helped me to feel grounded with my physical possessions. If my new house was ceiling high with boxes, I could just get in my car and breath into the empty, clean, uncluttered space… as I ran to the hardware store for blinds for the bare windows as night fell.
  2. I developed a habit a few years back of bringing out of the car whatever I brought in to the car. About 18 years ago I had a scare with dehydration that has kept me on track with drinking water almost obsessively. I carry a water bottle or have one in my car almost all the time. That could really add up if I only took water bottles out to my car and never brought them back in. BONUS: To help with this I only have 3 water bottles. It is less to clean, less to keep up with, and helps me to remember to bring them in with me because I have to use them.
  3. I have a trash bag that I keep in the front that hangs from my gear shift. When it gets full I take it off, tie it up, and throw it away. Sometimes that’s at my house, sometimes that’s at a gas station.
  4. Speaking of trash, if I am on a road trip or for some reason have take out food trash, I have found that almost every store you stop at (and gas stations, of course) have trash cans outside. So last week when I forgot to bring my lunch with me and had to stop by CFA for a meal and eat in the car (I don’t recommend this on the daily) I was able to drop the trash into the trash can outside of the Target when I was on my way in to pick up one quick thing (and I was successful on getting the one thing!).

There are more things that I could say about my car’s trash especially since I frequently donate items on behalf of clients but I’ll end at 4 today. How do you deal with the trash in your car?

Will I Wear This Tomorrow?

Are you ready for your closet to stop causing you stress in the mornings? Fabulous! One way to do that is to cut down on the number of decisions you have to make in the morning. And one way to cut down the number of decisions you have to make in the morning is to cut down on the amount of clothes you have to decide from.

Those of you who know how I work know that I’m not trying to get you down to just 30 pieces of clothing. Well, not today. Or ever… if you don’t want to do that. But I can all but guarantee you will find great relief and freedom in owning less than what you currently have.

More times than not, you can look at an item and know right away that it can leave your home. Sometimes you need some questions to think through. Having these questions in the back of your mind or literally in front of you can help you make the decision.

Below are 10 questions to ask to help you decide what clothes to keep or get out of the house altogether. These questions are asked in two ways: what to KEEP and what to LET GO OF. A different perspective can make all the difference.

Questions to help you think of what clothes to keep

  1. What would you wear tomorrow?
  2. What makes you feel good when you wear it?
  3. What clothes are appropriate for your current lifestyle?
  4. What clothes communicate the appropriate thing about you?
  5. What would you buy again?

Questions to help you think what clothes to get out of your home

  1. What do you often or always pass up to wear something that you like better?
  2. What haven’t you worn in a year?
  3. What clothes are too big? (and you don’t want to revisit that size)
  4. What clothes are too small? (and you aren’t actively working to get to that size)
  5. What clothes are just out of date?

Remember, these are your clothes so think about what you want to keep up with and what you enjoy and what serves you best.

What other questions do you ask yourself to decide what clothes to keep and what clothes to let go of?

How to Prepare Meals and Not Go Crazy Doing It

It’s Tuesday night and you’ve already run out of steam. A cry comes from the front door. “Whaaaaaat’s for dinnnnnner????” You have no idea. The pantry scramble comes and something that resembles dinner is on the table. Sure, you’ve filled the bellies and probably even satisfied the taste buds of each one in your home but your brain is probably stresssssed. Let’s talk about a few ways to make this scenario end with a little more sanity in your head and household.

Before we move into the tricks I want to let you know that the best first step is to have an organized pantry, fridge, and freezer. That way you can see what you have and use it.

If you need to declutter and organize your pantry, do that with these questions in mind.

  1. Is it expired? If it is, why do you still have it? (You might not care about expiration dates. In which case I would say, go ahead and use it up ASAP. See challenge below.)
  2. Do we like this food? Will we eat this food?

I love a good challenge! Do you? How many meals can you make without going to the grocery? Exception: fresh produce. If you use’s ingredient search it is amazing what you can find. (This post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by

The rule of thumb for this is:
Plan what you eat, buy what you plan, eat what you buy.

So here we go, let’s see what some of these tricks are for figuring out how to prepare meals and not go crazy doing it.

Make a written plan for each meal and snack.
You may choose a week or more. It’s totally up to you. If you are just starting out with meal planning, try a week.
If you have just cleaned out the pantry, fridge, and freezer for the first time in a while, you’ll want to use up all those expired or almost expired items. (For the record, I’m in the “throw it out” expired food camp.) So look at the items you want to use up and make meals around those items.

Make a written grocery list.
Since you’ve planned meals around the foods you want to use up it’s as if you have already done some of your shopping and you didn’t even have to leave your house or tip the grocery delivery person! Hooray!
Okay, now’s when you see what else you need to buy based on the meals and snacks you have planned. Put those things on your written grocery list. When you get to the store, buy only the things on your list. Be strong, you can do it!

Make your meals. Prep your snacks.
Now that you’ve bought what you’ve planned it’s time to eat what you bought by making your meals and prepping your snacks. You may choose to do all of this on one day and prep for the week. You may choose to make and prep as you eat. Different things work for different households at different seasons.

And just like that you have streamlined your eating for you and your household!

You will save money.
Less food will go wasted.
You may actually lose weight. If you plan, buy, and eat food that is good for you in appropriate portions.
Once this is a habit for you, you will end up with more time and less stress.

Yes, these take time to do. Yes, it will take time to develop into a habit. Yes, you can help teach the other people in your family to help. Yes, it will pay off in the end.

Happy Meal Planning!



Just for fun, here are some other names I thought of for this article.

Food Tricks – makes me think of a circus with fruit and veggies doing acrobatics
Food Organizing – this screams “pantry” and that’s not what this article is about
Meal Planning – again, that totally gives it away, well, mostly
Meal Organizing – that gets the job done but how boring

Conquering Laundry Mountain

I can’t tell you how many people ask me about laundry. “What tricks do you have?” “What systems do you recommend to families for laundry?” “How can I get out from underneath Laundry Mountain?”

You might not like my answer but here it is… Do it!

Do your laundry from start to finish. There is not magic life-altering system.

Now, your family might have some different laundry needs that you can use a system for but the bottom line is, you have to do your laundry. With that said, there are a few tricks that can help you to accomplish that.

  • The less clothing you have, the less laundry you will have to do. I have a list of questions to ask yourself about what clothing to keep and what clothing to get rid of coming soon! Keep an eye out!
  • Set a timer for when the washer will be done. When the timer goes off, change the clothes over to the dryer.
  • Set a timer for when the dryer will be done. When the timer goes off, fold the clothes.
  • When you are done folding, put the clothes away. Right away.
  • If you have children, teach them how to do their laundry. It takes time and patience, but it is more than worth it to raise helpful contributors to your family.
  • Play some Beat the Clock games. Plan other things that will take the same amount of time to do as your washer or dryer. Perhaps spend that time picking up the little things around the house that never made it to their appropriate homes. Get a basket or bin, carry it with you to pick all of those little items up. When the basket is full, put everything in the basket where it goes. Repeat until everything is put away. By this time the laundry is ready to change over or fold and put away.

What ways have you found to make sure you get the laundry done from start to finish?