DIY Guide

I have been organizing since I was a little girl when I shared a bathroom with my brother. Helping people live with peace and freedom in their own homes is my passion. Seeing the relief in a person’s face when they no longer live bogged down by their belongings is a true joy! Let’s start the process of moving you from chaos and burden to peace and freedom today!

A DIY Guide is a way for you to work through a space with guidance and accountability without bringing in a professional organizer to work with you side-by-side. This is for the person who just needs to be told a specific direction to go in with a little accountability along the way.

At a glance, this is what the process looks like.
1. Contact Little Red Stool Organizing
2. FREE Phone Consultation
3. Video Chats
4. Homework

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. Contact Little Red Stool Organizing
    Use this no-obligation contact form to get the conversation started toward finding peace and freedom in your home. After your contact information is received I will contact you for your phone consultation.
  2. FREE Phone Consultation
    During your phone consultation, you will have an opportunity to share what you are looking for, I will share what it might look like to work with me, and we will talk about the best service moving forward.
  3. DIY Guide Service, $200 base fee, 1 area per guide, $50/hour after time allotted below
  4. Video Chat Session #1
    Either through FaceTime or Zoom, we will talk about your space and your goals for the area you choose for the DIY Guide.
    • This initial video chat includes:
      • Up to 1 hour to walk through the space and talk about goals for how you want your space to function
      • Setting a realistic timeline for you to complete your project and scheduling video chat session #2
  5. DIY Guide: Declutter
    Within 48 hours of this 1st video chat I will send you your personalized DIY Guide based on your goals.
    • Your guide will include:
      • Checklist of items for you to complete – categorizing and decluttering at this stage
      • Resources and tips for your specific goals and priorities
      • Access to me via email to answer any questions along the way (please allow up to 48 hours during work hours for a response)
    • You will work on completing this checklist in this guide before our next scheduled video chat.
  6. Video Chat Session #2
    At the scheduled time, we will have a video chat to see your decluttered space according to your DIY Guide
    • This follow-up video chat includes:
      • Up to 1 hour video chat to show off your spaces and get all the encouragement and cheers for decluttering and categorizing
      • Talk through which areas need products and/or labels (including having you provide measurements for these areas, we will walk through this together)
      • Schedule Video Chat Session #3
  7. DIY Guide: Order and Organize
    Within 48 hours of Video Chat Session #2 I will send you a personalized product and placement guide
    • Your guide will include:
      • A suggested product list with links
      • A suggested way to organize your items using products
    • You will work on completing this guide by ordering products and placing them and your belongings before our next scheduled video chat.
  8. Video Chat Session #3 (Wrap Up)
    At the scheduled time, we will have your final video chat to see your completed space.
    • Your final video chat includes:
      • Up to 30 minute video chat for any last minute changes
      • show off your final space
      • celebration of finishing your projects
    • Final payment, if extra incurred, due at the end of this video chat.

Video sessions are available on Mondays between the hours of 9am – 5pm.

Payment is due at time of first video chat via Venmo.

My bedroom closet had gotten to the point where I hated walking in there or putting clothes up because it just didn’t function. Thanks to Shannon, everything has its place and my things are out of all the other closets too! Through video chat and helpful step by step instructions she created space I didn’t even know was possible. I was able to work at my own pace and felt like Shannon was in my back pocket through every step of the way!

Mary R.