My Pandemic Time Capsule

On March 11, 2020 The World Health Organization declared a pandemic. About a month later I started seeing a printable floating around the internet for kids to fill out about the pandemic and look back on later in life. It was certainly for younger children as it included drawing your feelings and listing out your favorite color and food. I wanted something for adults to be able to have as well. I mean, how cool would it be to have a record of someone from their time living through the Spanish Influenza 100 years ago? After a quick search and finding nothing except for a short article with ten questions, I set out to create my own time capsule for anyone old enough to write on their own.What started as a quick list of questions for a few people turned into a book for the masses – and for you!

No matter your circumstance before, life has changed. Maybe it was a big change for you, maybe it was a little change. The questions in these sections provide an outlet for you to write out, maybe process a little, and look back on in years to come.
The Parent: Whether your kids are home for the first time or now staying home more than normal, family life has changed.
The Employee: Whether you are an essential worker or someone who has been furloughed or somewhere in between, work spaces have changed.
The Business Owner: Whether you had to shut down or amp up, business life has changed.
The Student: Whether you were homeschooled or in a building, school life has changed.

Read more about the story and process behind the book here.