Little Red Stool Organizing, helping you find peace and freedom in your home through decluttering and organizing.

In-Home Sessions

In-home sessions are an efficient way to work through your belongings (decluttering) and give them a home (organizing). Working side-by-side accomplishes the task in a timely manner while learning how to sustain systems put together just for your household.

DIY Guide

A DIY Guide is a way for you to work through a space with guidance and accountability without bringing in a professional organizer to work with you side-by-side. This is for the person who just needs to be told a specific direction to go in with a little accountability along the way.

30/30 Program

I’ve developed a program that will show up in your email every day for 30 days. Consider it a little version of me in your back pocket cheering you on for 30 minutes each of those 30 days. I’ve had people ask me to come move in with them to help them with their spaces. This is pretty close!

Shannon and Little Red Stool have brought peace and organization to our home. It’s amazing how much lighter we feel without the clutter. Shannon’s tips, questions, techniques, and ideas really do help so much! And her accountability and encouragement get you through the things you don’t have the will to tackle alone. Highly recommend!

— Courtney H.

Little Red Stool Organizing is an invaluable resource for restoring peace and order, not just to your home, but to your life. Shannon not only helps you organize your home or car, but teaches you the tools to maintain your organization. She is innovative and skilled at taking any space and finding ways to make it suit your lifestyle and needs in a practical and organized way.

— Jen S.