Little Red Stool Organizing provides help in decluttering and organizing homes and offices whether in part or the whole. We specialize in the following areas and are open to work with you in a variety of areas not listed as well.

Entire homes
Clothes (closets and dressers)
Home Office (office supplies, paper work)
Children’s toys and items (playrooms, children’s rooms)
Hobby Supplies, Holiday Decorations, Miscellaneous  (garages, attics)

At Little Red Stool Organizing, we start with a consultation. At the end of your consultation, LRSO will provide a plan based on your needs, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths.

Consultation, $50
Consultations provide Little Red Stool Organizing and the client with the overviews necessary for moving on with decluttering and organizing. Clients discuss categories and areas to be organized as well as their end-result vision.

Sessions, $45/hour (3 hour minimum)
Most clients choose to have personal, side-by-side help in going through their belongings to provide focus and encouragement. This proves to be incredibly helpful and efficient for long-term sustainability.

Travel costs
Out of town travel costs will be calculated and split between clients receiving services for individual trips further than 30 miles from Martinez, GA.