My walk-in pantry was a mess – cans were sitting crooked on the wire shelving, expired items lingered in the back, and it was generally hard to find things, which made it challenging and time consuming to meal plan and decide what to cook for dinner.  Shannon came in and worked with me to figure out how best to organize to meet my needs, and she developed a solution that’s still in place over two years later. I now have liners so things sit nicely on the shelves, I have coordinated bins with custom labels to corral different types of items, and everything else has a designated section. The bins make it easy to find things and to clean out old things periodically, and the new system also makes it easier for visiting family and babysitters to quickly and easily find what they need. I can now better plan meals and grocery shopping with a quick glance instead of losing track of items at the back of the pantry. I feel like I’ve gained so much time back to focus on more important things! – Heather S., Marietta, GA

Shannon is an amazing organizer!  She has a keen ability to prioritize what is important and to make it functional, beautiful and accessible.  Shannon is also good at understanding someone else’s priorities around organizing and using these as a guide to organizing a space.  Shannon has helped me organize closets, desks, drawers, pantries, clothing, memory items and photographs.  Shannon helps to get clutter out of the way so you can focus on things that are more important.  Her skills are outstanding and her contribution to our home was monumental! – Michelle K., Denver, CO

Shannon was beyond helpful in her efforts to organize our twin daughters’ bedroom and playroom, along with some of our kitchen cabinets and food storage. Her ability as an organizer goes beyond attention to detail: she is able to use items already present in your home (like boxes and bags) as storage tools, and thinks outside the box to place items in the order in which you’re most likely to use them. She is efficient, creative, and careful, making sure that you have what you need and helping to eliminate what you don’t. To this day, we follow her plan for folding our girls’ clothes (we can see every single item at any one time!). If you’re looking for help organizing your life, Shannon is the answer. Fun, non-judgmental, and ready to tackle any project, she will help you minimize clutter and maximize use of your limited time by creating a great storage and organization system for you and your family. – Megan B., Durham, NC

Shannon has a natural ability to bring order out of chaos. I had the pleasure of working along side of her and seeing her in action. She cares deeply about her work and her clients. You will not only get a more organized life but a friend as well. Shannon has vision for what something could be and also the ability to execute that vision and make it happen effectively and beautifully. – Karen B., Denver, CO

I met Shannon in March 2018 after my daughter did her research for a home organizer. She did a great job because Shannon is exactly what I needed to get our life together. We had a garage full of things from selling cars and a home remodel. The garage was the storage shed and only one car could fit. Things were overflowing to the deck. Most of the time I couldn’t find what I was looking for. It’s hard to believe in such a short period of time Shannon was able to organize my garage, my home office, my bedroom, and just my life in general. Both cars are in the garage and I’m enjoying my clean closet where I can put my shoes on. She comes once a week to help me keep on track and continue decluttering my house and my life. – RS, Martinez, GA

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